Ride4Women 2019


1537 km. 8 Countries. 15 Days.

To raise awareness for cervical cancer prevention and early diagnosis – let's be faster than cancer!


Ride 4 Women is a women's cancer awareness initiative of an annual bicycle tour, in cooperation with ESGO and ENYGO.

The annual bicycle tour is aimed at setting an example and focus on informing women about female cancer, early detection, diagnostics, treatment options, and lifestyle management to encourage women to do a physical activity and a balanced diet, thus actively help to reduce the number of deaths related to women cancer and to prevent gynaecological diseases.


On June 2, 2019  Ride 4 Women starts in Athens, Greece and goes via Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Croatia, Slovenia and finally ends in Graz, Austria.

The group bikes 1537 km and makes 14 stops in major European cities and at every stop a public event with the support and participation of volunteers, national cancer organizations and national patient groups was planned.

Be active and join the upcoming ride 4 women tour!  
It doesn’t matter how many stages you ride: the important thing is taking part.

Help us make a difference...

support the ride for the fight against cervical cancer!

Donations from 10 to 50 Euro to support this year's ride can be made as you register for ESGO 2019.

Thank you for your support!


For more information about the route and the agenda download the Ride4Women official brochure or visit www.ride4women.at

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