Affiliated Society Sessions

​​​Similarly to previous years, ESGO 2017 will have various sessions organised by its affiliated societies providing an essential opportunity for collaboration and connections to be formed across these societies.

ESGO-IPOS Symposium: Body and Soul

  • Neurocognitive dysfunction after chemotherapy: prevalence and treatment (IPOS)

Joachim Weis

  • Challenges for pregnant women diagnosed with cancer (ESGO)

Tineke Vandenbroucke

  • Why does psychosocial care matter for cancer patients? (IPOS)

Luzia Travado 

  • Life after cancer – the new me (ESGO)

Annette Hasenburg

With the growing number of cancer survivors primary care takers have to address the multifactorial needs of patients.
After a life-threatening disease, acceptance of side effects of the disease and treatment are usually a great challenge. In this session healthcare providers will receive information how to support their patients suffering from neurocognitive dysfunction after chemotherapy and how to counsel patients which are challenged by a cancer diagnosis in pregnancy. It will be shown how psychosocial care my help patients to accept their life after cancer.

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