Glass with the Expert

Monday, November 6
18:00- 19:00

Interact with the expert of your choice, to ask and learn, about their specialised field.

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List of Topics

> SLN Algorithm alone in stage I cervical cancer

N.R. Abu-Rustum, USA


>  Molecular classifications of endometrial cancers

T. Bosse, The Netherlands


> How to identify patients who benefit from surgery of recurrent ovarian cancer

A. DuBois, Germany


> Robotic surgery in Gynaecological Oncology

H. Falconer, Sweden


 > Management of stage IB2 cervical cancer

N. Hacker, Australia


> Histological and molecular classification of epithelial ovarian cancer

S. Lax, Austria


 > Predictive biomarkers of response to NACT in ovarian cancer

A. Leary, France


> Perspectives of immunotherapy in cervical cancer

J. Ledermann, United Kingdom


> Conservative Treatment of Endometrial Cancer

A. Obermaier, Australia


> Current update in the management of side-effects in neoadjuvant chemotherapy

E. Petru, Austria


> Prevention and management of side-effects of radiotherapy in gynaecologic cancer

R. Poetter, Austria


> Surgical or radiological staging of advanced cervical cancer

D. Querleu, France


> HIPEC in ovarian cancer

G. Scambia, Italy


> FSS in advanced stage germ cell tumors

M. Seckl, United Kingdom


> Key issues and pitfalls of the debulking surgery

J. Sehouli


> How to plan breast reconstruction?

C. Solbach, Germany


> Anesthesiologic management and periperative care in debulking surgery for ovarian cancer

S. Suria, France


> Do we need to remove the uterus in stage 1?

A. Reinthaller



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