Offsite Scientific Sessions - ESGO 2017 Vienna

Offsite Scientific Sessions

Exclusive scientific sessions at Vienna's landmark sights

ESGO 2017 congress features a new format of offsite scientific sessions that will be held at the Sigmund Freud Museum and the Belvedere Museum. Check out the topics and speakers below, and enroll for an offsite session of your choice as you register for ESGO 2017.


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*The number of participants at these special sessions is limited and will be on a ‘first come first served’ basis.


Session Topic: "From Hysteria to Psycho-Oncology"

Sigmund Freud Museum

Saturday, Nov 4th, 2017

Chair: Annette Hasenburg, Germany

This session has a special format, an enactment with drama and role play. Some excerpts of freud’s texts will introduce the session.

Gynaecological patients’ fears, emotions, concerns, thoughts about the diagnosis, treatment, prognosis will be enacted and two therapists will discuss psycho-oncological interventions and techniques performing some role-play.





20:30  Session : "From Hysteria to Psycho-Oncology"


20:30    Luzia Travado, Portugal
21:15    Elisabeth Andritsch, Austria


Session Topic: "Sexuality and Oncology"

Belvedere Museum

Monday Nov 6th, 2017

Chair: Vesna Kesic, Serbia

Sexual function after gynecological cancer is a challenging issue, and patients and their partner deserve special attention. With the genital organs being involved, patients may suffer from sexual dysfunction due to surgery, chemotherapy and/ or irradiation of the genital organs.

In this session physicians will be informed how to actively approach distressing topics and how to support the patient and her significant other.




20:30   A women’s guide to sexuality with and after cancer

     Speaker: Annette Hasenburg, Germany

21:15  The impact of a gynaecological cancer on the sexual well-being of the partner

     Speaker: Leen Aerts, Belgium


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