Welcome Letter

Dear Colleagues,
On behalf of the ESGO Council and officers, the Scientific Committee, and the Local Organising Committee, it is our great pleasure to invite you to join the 20th Biennial Meeting of the European Society of Gynaecological Oncology (ESGO 2017), to be held from November 4 – 7, 2017 in Vienna, Austria.
Gynaecolgocial Oncology has changed substantially over the last years. Translational research has gained enormous importance in our field – in its pure sense from bench to bedside. Beside implementation of new biomarkers to assess tumor specific behavior, more and more of these factors gain importance in clinical decision making and selection of therapy.
Moreover, trends are visible in Gynaecological Oncology in terms of personalized medicine due to improved knowledge about tumor biology including selection of patients for individualized treatment.

Surgical approach has also been subjected to changes both towards conservative surgery in selected cases and
ultraradical surgery, when indicated. New technological advances in the field have shifted the borders in all aspects of oncological care. Greater understanding of recent scientific advances has led to incorporating this data into strategies for patient management.

Every 2 years the European Society of Gynaecological Oncology (ESGO) Congress attracts larger number of
participants from all over Europe and across the world. Following the tradition of previous meetings, the upcoming ESGO 2017 Congress will be an excellent opportunity to learn about new developments in the field of gynaecological oncology, to meet up with colleagues and to make new friends. A great deal of thought went into formulating not only a stimulating scientific programme, but also the preparation of a most enjoyable social programme, with the aim to make you familiar with the fascinating and inspiring atmosphere of Vienna.


Vienna, one of the most exquisite cities in Europe surrounded by the natural beauty of the Wachau region, the city offers a unique combination of imperial traditions and stunning modern architecture. The city is famous for its cultural events, imperial sights, coffee houses, cozy wine taverns, and the characteristic Viennese charm. Vienna is considered a paradise for music lovers, being the home to many international renowned composers such as Schubert, Strauss, Schoenberg and Berg who were born there, and others such as Mozart, Beethoven, Haydn, Brahms and Mahler who chose to live there. Exploring the historical and cultural legacy of this capital city will leave you with an exceptional experience traced all the way back to the Roman time.

We very much look forward to your participation in ESGO 2017 and to welcoming you to Vienna.

Heinz Koelbl

Congress President

David Cibula

ESGO President

Philippe Morice

Scientific Committee Chair



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