ESGO 2024: Childcare Services

ESGO fully supports working parents, and is delighted to offer complimentary childcare to all ESGO 2023 registered delegates.

This means that you can fully enjoy the ESGO 2023 congress experience, knowing that your little ones are well looked after. We believe that providing this support fosters an inclusive environment for all delegates.

Experienced and certified childcare providers will look after your beloved child in a separate room located at the congress venue, and designed for children with toys, games, and other equipment, such as a changing table. Age-appropriate activities will be organised as well.

Children from 1-12 years of age are welcome, however, places are subject to availability and on a first-come, first-served basis.

During the day, a drinking regime will be followed. Please provide your child with a bottle and some snacks and anything specific that your child may need.

Furthermore, parents are advised that the childcare service does not include accident or third-party liability insurance, so we recommend that parents obtain travel insurance for their children for the duration of their stay.


How to register for childcare services?

Parents are encouraged to pre-book childcare places.

Please first select the option of free childcare services as you register for the congress,

and then indicate the dates and desired hours of childcare services in the childcare registration form HERE.

You will be further asked to inform us about the age of your child, languages spoken (if any), special requests, sleep routine, dietary preferences and restrictions, allergies, and medical conditions.


* Childcare service is offered in the morning and/or afternoon, in parallel with the congress session times.


Any Questions?

If you have questions, please contact:

ESGO 2024 Registration Secretariat


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