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› ESGO Congress: A Global Stage of Gynaecological Oncology Best Practice and Research


The ESGO 2021 Congress kicks off with an exciting 3-day programme at the Prague Congress Centre on October 23, 2021.

This year's congress will highlight the latest clinical and scientific developments in gynaecological cancers, with more than 70 sessions, 100+ renowned international experts and over 1,300 expected posters focusing on a variety of topics driving research, treatment and care forward.

Don't miss the very best of gynaecological oncology practice and research, latest findings, practical take-home messages and a wealth of knowledge for your daily practice.

Join us in Prague for ESGO 2021, the largest gathering in the field.

› ESGO 2021 Programme: More Opportunities to Advance Your Knowledge

  • Exclusive State of the Art Sessions
  • 30+ parallel scientific sessions including Surgical Video and Tumour Board Sessions
  • New ESGO Clinical Practice Guidelines and Quality Indicators
  • Debates Sessions on hot controversial topics
  • New Emerging Pathways and Targeted Treatments in gynaecological cancers
  • ENYGO Programme designed for young gynaecological oncologists
  • 2-day Patient Advocacy Seminar organised by ENGAGe

and much more...

Surgical approaches have also been subjected to changes and individualisation, based on both tumour characteristics and patients’ needs. Conservative surgical procedures in selected cases with the intent to preserve fertility have been developed. Radical surgery when indicated has also evolved, representing the cornerstone of the management of gynaecological cancer patients.

The ESGO 2021 programme will address these key topics.

› Scientific Sessions You Don't Want to Miss...

  • Precision medicine in gynaecological oncology
  • Updated ESGO-ESTRO-ESP guidelines in endometrial cancer
  • Prevention strategies in high risk women
  • Debate - Is it time to implement molecular classification in the management of endometrial cancer?
  • Immune checkpoint inhibitors - ready for prime time in endometrial and cervical cancers?
  • ESGO Quality indicators in endometrial cancer surgery
  • Selection of patients with relapsed ovarian cancer for surgery
  • Rare gynaecological tumours: How developments in pathobiology help treatment and research?

Interested to find out more? The interactive ESGO 2021 programme, searchable by speaker and topics, will be available by mid-April.

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